Contact Address

MMS mailing address:
Manab Mukti Sangstha (MMS)
Khas Bara Shimul, Bangobandho Bridge West Sub
Sirajgonj, Bangladesh

Contact person with mailing address:
Md. Habibullah Bahar
Executive Director
Cell Phone:
Email Address:

Core Management Team with contact address:

Md. Rafiqul Islam Khan
Director Programme 
Cell Phone: 01733-338376
Email address:

Md. Motaher Hossain
Admin Manager
Cell Phone:01714081048

Dipak Kanti Biswas

Head of Finance and Accounts

Manab Mukti Sangstha (MMS)

Cell Phone: +8801718-280285, 01996-341910


Md. Shah Alom

Admin & IT Officer
Cell Phone: 01733-338382

Program head with contact address:

Sl Name Project/Designation Contact number Email address
1.        Md. Ashrafuzzaman Khan Programme Coordinator, IGP 01733-338379

2.        Md. Helal Uddin Chief accountant 01728-705980
3.         Mst. Shamima Akter Project Coordinator, 01714-814142
4.        Md. Rasel Ahmed MRO-SFP,MMS 01714-923947
6.         Md. Obaidul Islam Project Manager,

Climate Smart Village Project (PCSV)

7.        Mst. Monira Sultana  Project Coordinator, REECALL 01689-171862
8.        Md. Showkat Hossain  Area Manager, Enayetpur area, Sirajgonj 01798-006085  
9.    Md. Abdul Alim  Area Manager, Sirajgonj Sadar area 01798585766  
10.    Md. Abdul Mannan  Area Manager, Chowhali area, Sirajgonj 01732-306723  
11.    Md. Shahidul Islam  Area Manager, Bera Area, Pabna 01725637968, 01916535163  
12.     Md. Khairul Islam  Project Coordinator

Child Centred Climate Change Adaptation Project|

Enayetpur, Shahzadpur, Sirajgonj, Bangladesh.

01781-550348, 01612-060810
13.     Md. Nahidujjaman  Audit Officer 

MMS IGP Programme 


Office Details:

MMS Dhaka Liasion Office

House # 72, Road # 03,  Janota Housing, Ring road, Adabar, Dhaka-1207

District Upazila Location Contact Person with Number
Sirajgonj Sirajgonj Sadar IGP Head Office
Village: Khas Bara Shimul
Post: Bangobandho Brigde west sub
Md. Ashrafuzzaman Khan
Programme Coordinator
Cell Phone: 01733-338379, 01716091827
MMS IGP Sirajganj Branch Office
Village & Post: Saydabad
Md. Aftaf Hossain
Branch Manager
Cell Phone: 01723-702600
MMS IGP Saydabad Branch Office
Village & Post: Saydabad
Md. Abdus Sattar
Branch Manager
Cell Phone: 01714-513480
REECALL project office
Khas Baro Shimul,
Bangobandho Bridge West Sub
Sirajgonj, Bangladesh
Mst. Monira Sultana
Project Coordinator
Cell Phone: 01689-171862
Chowhali  MMS IGP Teghuri Branch Office
Village: Teghuri, Chowhali, Sirajganj
 Md. Abul Hosen
Branch Manager
Cell Phone: 01716-488735
MMS IGP Chowhali-1 Branch Office
Village: Kurki
Near Chowhali college
Md. Mahmudul Hasan
Branch Manager
Cell Phone: 01739382005
MMS IGP Chowhali-2 Branch Office
Village: Kurki
Near Chowhali college
Md. Moiruzzaman
Branch Manager
Cell Phone:01714-814687
School Feeding Programme (SFP)

Village: Kurki
Near Chowhali college

Md. Rasel Ahmed


Chauhali, Sirajganj.



Raiganj MMS IGP Raiganj Branch, Vill: Hat Pangashi, P.O: Hat Pangashi, Upazila: Raiganj  , District: Sirajganj  Md. Anamul Haque
Branch Manager
Cell Phone:01856-994762
Shahjadpur MMS IGP Porjona Branch Office
Village & Post: Porjona,
Shahjadpur, Sirajganj
Md. Abdul Wohab
Branch Manager
Cell Phone:01719-115584
MMS IGP Jamirta Branch Office
Village & Post: Jamirta,
Shahjadpur, Sirajganj
Md. Shahidul Islam

Branch Manager
Cell Phone:01716-974536

MMS IGP Koijuri Branch Office
Village & Post: Koijuri,
Shahjadpur, Sirajganj.
Md. Bahadur Ali

Branch Manager
Cell Phone:01717-088228

MMS IGP Enayetpur-1 Branch Office
Village and Post: Enayetpur (Near Enayetpur Police Station)
Md. Abu Hanifa
Branch Manager
Cell Phone: 01778026565
MMS IGP Enayetpur-2 Branch Office
Village and Post: Enayetpur (Near Enayetpur Police Station)
Ibrahim Kafiullah

Branch Manager
Cell Phone: 01718948828

Belkuchi MMS IGP Belkuchi Branch Office
Village : Chala Adalot para Post: Chala, Belkuchi, Sirajganj
Md, Saiful Islam
Branch Manager
Cell Phone:01858-241276
Tangail Tangail Sadar MMS IGP Sahajani Branch Office
Khas Sahajani Abdul Karim High school
Md. Nurul Islam
Branch Manager
Cell Phone: 01725-091494
Nagarpur  Salimabar Branch Office

Salimabad, Upazila: Nagarpur, Dist: Tangail

 Md. Jahidul Islam
Branch Manager
Cell Phone:01923751172,01788-925310
Bhuapur MMS IGP Gabsara Branch Office, Vill: Sohagi Para, P.O: G.Rampur, Upazila: Bhuapur  , District: Tangail Md. Ahsan habib

Branch Manager

Cell Phone:01737-101260

Pabna Bera Upazila MMS IGP Nakalia Branch Office

Vill: haturia, Post: chak chapri, upazila: bera , District: pabna

Md. Helaluddin
Branch Manager
Cell Phone: 01736598912
MMS IGP Natiabari Branch OfficeVill: Natiabari, Post: , upazila: bera , District: pabna Mohammad Ali

Branch manager

Natiabari Branch

Cell Phone: 01712-420125

MMS IGP Aminpur Branch Office, Aminpur, upazila: bera , District: pabna Toimur Rahman

Branch manager

Aminpur Branch

Cell Phone: 01705429502

Santhia MMS IGP Gorigrame Branch Office

Village: Majgrame, Upazila: Santhia, Dist: Pabna

Md. Al Mamun

Branch manager

Gorigrame Branch

Cell Phone: 01734-157570


Sujanagr Chargabindhpur Branch Office

Village: Chargabindhpur, Upazila: Sujanagr, Dist: Pabna

Md.Shariful Islam

Branch manager


Cell Phone: 01715-867393, 01787-899896




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